Thursday, August 18, 2016

Better Transportation of food...

When we have to transport a large number of perishable food items to supermarkets or neighborhood stores and seafood to different places it is important to have a reefer truck provide you with the source to make sure that the food stays refrigerated and not spoiled for a long time. And we have different types of refrigerated food transporting services available. Ashjoe cold chain establishment is the leading refrigeration and air conditioning company in Cochin which bring one stop for all refrigeration solutions. We deal with the installation of refrigeration units in automobiles , build cold body truck manufacturer and transportation of food materials in Cochin. The most important thing to remember about refrigerated food is to make sure that the food makes it to the destination as quickly as possible and remain safe.

We undertake cold chain logistics solutions. Cold Chain management involves the transportation of temperature sensitive freights along a supply chain through thermal and refrigeration. There are several means in which cold chain products can be transported, including refrigerated trucks and trailers, refrigerated cargo ships etc. The efficiency of the refrigerated container affects the food quality. So it is necessary to make sure your refrigerated truck is in good condition. We are mainly focusing on the seafood transportation near Cochin and Alleppey.

Ashjoe cold chain offer you excellent travelling with their bus air conditioning in Cochin. We employ AC for any type of buses such as tourist, city or school bus in the state Kerala. It will take you to the next level of travelling. We ensure you with 24*7 services to the customer from our experts in the field.
We are equipped to serve truck refrigeration in Cochin. All types of trucks with covered body structure can be built and repaired in Ashjoe cold chain.

Saturday, August 6, 2016


We have made lot of modifications in Reefer container body to upgrade the Quality continuously.These modifications will ensure longevity & better temperature performance.Its light weight and resist corrosion.Reefer box interior is with Stainless Steel construction.
We welcome all customers to experience this box. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Truck Refrigeration Units

The refrigeration technology contributes to delivery of fresh food materials all over the world. The Ashjoe cold chain offers wide range of Truck refrigeration units. We are delivering fresher and more delicious food to your table with our refrigeration services. Our experts serve the service of installation, repair & maintenance. We also employ bus air conditioning for any type of buses, as the need of the customer. We have a specialized service in cold body truck manufacturer and transporting temperature sensitive cargoes.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Truck Refrigeration

Ashjoe cold chain is the leading company which satisfies the refrigeration and air conditioning  need in Cochin. Ashjoe cold chain is a fastest growing cold chain supply company in Kochi, Kerala. We undertake installation of refrigeration units over trucks ,vans and bus air conditioning. Refrigerated trucks are essential for transportation and storing of food material, chemical, seafood and pharmaceutical. We also provide dry and PUF insulated containers with a steady temperature . We provide a solution to the customer as per their needs and uses high quality products. We always deliver the service at time.