Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016, A Fresh Start and a Long Way to Go ..!

At the beginning  of  2016, ASHJOE -Refrigeration andAir conditioning Company  in Cochin make a resolution to run a more accomplished and profitable business throughout the year ahead with 100% customer satisfaction. 2015 was a successful year for ASHJOE, in terms of both business and client satisfaction.

While we have seen an increase in Transport Refrigeration orders in the private sector companies, we are yet to see increased orders from other government and public sector firms. Transport Refrigeration orders in the sense, Installation of Chillers and Freezers on an automotive body.

We await an increased  demand from  both government and private sectors in order for us to discover our full potential.With a full service contract from ASHJOE, customers can expect the following:
  • Less chance of  Business Disturbance
  • Long lasting equipment life
  • Energy efficient equipment
  • Affordable service costs
  • Priority for Repair & Maintenance works.

ASHJOE Contact 

Commercial Refrigeration Service and Repair - ASHJOE

Our last year commercial refrigeration customers include Tropiccana Cold Storage Willingdon Island Kochi, Meriiboy Ice Cream , Salve food & beverages private limited – to name a few.
                                                                          Some of our Satisfied Customers in 2015

Why Customers  choose  ASHJOE?
  • Saves EnergyRegular routine  maintenance will keep the  equipment in efficient  operating condition and helps to minimize  power and fuel bills. Use of  clean,  properly adjusted and smooth functioning  components in refrigeration units  makes up a well balanced and economical commercial refrigeration system
  • Prolonged Compressor LifeRepairing of a compressor breakdown can be expensive. By the time you reach  the breakdown, your compressor  life may already be shortened. ASHJOE ‘s staffs are  practiced in assembling  and installing quality compressors. Safeguard your equipment, and get the most out of it.
  • Cost effective  & Your Service gets Top Priority-  In spite our continual inspections and tune-ups if you get a compressor  breakdown, your problem is our first  priority.  Our  experienced mechanics, those who are most familiar with your system and device , are there in no time to resolve the problem. We often stock the most commonly replaced components for the specific equipment we have on contract.
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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Cold body Truck Manufacturer in Cochin

Based on the demand of food processing industry Cold body Trucks are commonly used for moving perishable goods at low temperature. We are capable of installing refrigeration units on trucks with perfection.

We provide Custom built, semi-trucks, rigid vans of all sizes, hi-quality refrigeration units for all your transport refrigeration applications.

All manufacturing is done under supervision, so you know that the refrigerated truck  we build is made with perfection. During manufacturing, we use the highest quality materials available in the market.

The Ashjoe Cold Chain Establishment is specialists in design and construction of Refrigerated vehicles. Our customers can be assured that their vehicle will be efficient and durable with options of repair and maintenance services. From small vans to semi-trucks & Trailers, all built in house and to customers’ requirements.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Bus Air Conditioning in Cochin

Air conditioned buses are common in Cochin these days. For comfortable travelling it is necessary to have one installed in vehicles. Installation of air conditioners mainly deals with the requirements. Proper installation is necessary for the ac durability. In Kerala Thermo king is known to be the most trusted AC brand.

Ashjoe cold chain has become the sole dealers of Thermo king refrigeration units in Cochin, Kerala. Our professionals are experienced in installing air conditioners for buses with perfection.

Bus air conditioning in Cochin needs to consider many things including climate, bus size, efficient refrigeration unit etc. Bus AC installation after considering all these factor always results good functioning.

We also undertake maintenance and repair of bus air conditioners including Volvo Scannia and Benz Bus Ac s.