Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bus air conditioning

Now a day all people like comfortable travelling and ,the Ashjoe cold chain brings the solution for providing installation of AC in buses. The Ashjoe cold chain brings best bus air conditioning in Cochin. We fit AC for any type of buses such as tourist, city or school bus of any size. We provide the service for repair and maintenance of refrigeration units, 24/7 services to the customer and fulfill their requirements. The Ashjoe cold chain employs the truck refrigeration  and fits freezers and chillers in the trucks. We use the products that are low power consumption , durable and reliable performance.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Nearly every small or big business in food industry uses some refrigeration services, buses uses air conditioning for comfort travelling and truck refrigeration for transportation of food materials from one place to another. The Ashjoe cold chain brings one place for all the commercial refrigeration solution in Cochin. We provide best bus air conditioning service in Cochin with 24/7 service to customers. We undertake repair and maintenance service of any type of truck refrigeration and bus air conditioning units in Kerala. The refrigeration helps in preserving fruits and vegetables by storing at low temperatures to avoid the spoilage of food. We build cold rooms as per need of  the customer.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Commercial Refrigeration

Refrigeration has a large impact on industry, lifestyle, agriculture and settlement patterns. The main idea of refrigeration  to keep the food safe and fresh for a long time. Commercial Refrigeration provides a wide range of products to furnish small and large scale industries. Ashjoe cold chain is the leading supplier for cold room, refrigeration system and services in the food industry. They include walk-in cold rooms and cold storage warehouses. Ashjoe build cold body truck manufacture for the transportation of food. Refrigeration has many applications, as household refrigerators, industrial freezers and air conditioning.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Bus Air Conditioning

Ashjoe cold chain establishment is one of the best supplier of air conditioner for buses in Cochin. Ashjoe deals with all commercial and industrial refrigeration demands of the customers. They provide services specified by the customer. They provide efficient bus air conditioning in Cochin, along with repair and maintenance. We have experts to install refrigeration units on trucks, trailers, carriers and fitting of chillers and freezers in the trucks. Ashjoe uses world class brand like thermo king for employing air conditioner in bus. We also provide dry and PUF insulated containers with a consistent temperature .The products we use provide reliable performance, durable. Our experienced professionals check every project in details before consignment. We always guarantee on time delivery.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cold chain industry in Cochin

Ashjoe cold chain is the leading company in Cochin which bring cold chain logistics solution for the transportation and storage of the goods. Logistics is the management for flow of goods one place to another. The cold chain logistic has both transport and storage of things. The Ashjoe cold chain provides a solution for temperature control as refrigerated truck for transport and cold storage to keep the goods safely. They also provide service for fitting chillers and freezers in the truck. A cold chain is a temperature controlled supply chain. The cold chain provide series of storage and distribution activities to maintain the things in a given temperature. It is used to keep the products like vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and seafood. So you get the service of Ashjoe for better transport and storage of goods.